great luxury baby shower presents to buy a new mom

Upscale Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower is an excellent time to show a new mother (and father) to be that you appreciate being invited to such a special event in their lives. A baby shower gift is the perfect way to show that appreciation while also helping the new parents prepare for their live ahead. If you are looking for an upscale baby shower gift, then the traditional gifts of diapers or extra binkies simply won’t do; the following guide will help you pick out some truly luxury baby gifts that will have your gift stand out at any baby shower event.

14K White Gold London Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring

If the mother to be is someone that loves luxury jewelry items, then they will definitely love this 14K White Gold London Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring. Promoting a calming effect and symbolizes strength and love, this London Blue Topaz Gemstones is the height of luxury and it is the ideal gift for any mother that loves to have a little bling on their finger.

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Blue Topaz Diamond Ring


Wooden Storm Grey Baby High Chair

Luxury items can be practical too! This luxury high chair features a unique modern design that combines with functionality in order to create a truly stylish high chair for any baby. If you are looking for a gift that combines luxury with function, this is an excellent option.

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luxery high chair


Cybex Priam Stroller:

A kid stroller is essential for any new parent. This luxury baby stroller features a beautiful floral spring blossom design, combined with a lightweight yet incredibly sturdy frame. It is ideal for taking the baby on walks, taking the baby out shopping and much more. If you know the parents to be would love a luxury stroller that stands out from the crowd, this is a great option. 

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luxury baby stroller

 Babybay Original Bedside Sleeper Cot:

This stunning bedside sleeper cot is designed to be comfortable and practical without sacrificing style. The modern design would look perfect in many homes, all while ensuring the baby is safe and comfortable at night.

bedside sleeper cot


Ubabub Nifty Timber 3-in-1 Crib

This unique Ubabub Crib is incredibly modern, making it perfect for parents who want something contemporary. The modern design is stylish and comfortable, so babies will love to take naps and sleep at night 

ubabub crib


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