Fantastic baby gifts for any new parent

Useful Baby Gifts for New Parents

It’s always fun to get something for new parents but how can you make sure that your gift is something they can (and will) actually use? After all, it’s much more fun when you know that your gift recipient genuinely enjoys and appreciate your gifts! To help you find the perfect useful gift that new parents will actually love and use, take a look at the following guide to some useful baby gifts for new parents.

UV Sanitizing Wand:

One of the chief concerns of new parents is their baby being exposed to germs and bacteria, which is why new parents will definitely be using this UV sanitizing wand to keep the counter everything from the kitchen counter to pillows to crib covers to baby’s play areas clean, sanitized, and much safer for the baby. These wands are incredibly easy to use and can kill up to 99.9% of germs and allergens on hard surfaces. Lab tests even showed that they kill 99% of MRSA and H1N1 in only 1 second!

High Speed Bottle Warmer:

Bottle warmers are an essential for new parents. They drastically cut down on the time and energy needed to warm bottles up on the stove or other methods that, more often than not, result in bottles that are just too hot. This bottle warmer, on the other hand, ensures that milk gets to a warm—but safe—temperature in no time at all.

Pee Pee Teepees:

Yes, they're really called that! These unique "teepees" are designed to protect you from being in the line of fire, so to speak, when changing your baby boy's diapers. They’re an inexpensive but welcome gift that new parents will definitely appreciate, especially if they can avoid incidents that require them to change clothes at the family dinner.

Wireless Video Baby Monitor:

Wireless video baby monitors allow parents to set up a camera in one room and watch their baby using a special monitor in another room. Video monitors are the perfect way for new parents to keep an eye on their baby when they sleep, which will greatly put their mind at ease. Video monitors can also prevent injuries or even serious accidents, since new parents will be able to spot any problems such as wayward blankets covering the baby’s face or a baby accidentally rolling into a crib nook. This is one gift that new parents will definitely appreciate and use for years to come.

DIY Date Night Gift Basket:

If you want to gift them something useful that isn’t 100% baby-oriented, you can always treat new parents to an in-home date night so that they can enjoy some special time together with their little on right in the mix. gift basket should include some pre-made or at least "dump and done" dinner (a jar of home-made pasta sauce and pasta that just needs to be cooked is a great choice!); as well as a special dessert, fancy paper plates and utensils, and one of the couple’s favorite movies!

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