What are the Benefits of Baltic Amber for Infants and Children?

If you’ve checked out social media in the past few years, then you’ve probably seen posts featuring Baltic amber necklaces for babies. Baltic amber jewelry can be worn by both infants and young children and has numerous benefits, not only for the child but for the parent’s peace of mind. Let’s take a closer look at the amazing benefits of wearing Baltic amber jewelry for infants and children.

What is Baltic amber?

First, it’s important to answer this question: What is Baltic amber, anyway? Baltic amber refers to amber harvested from the Baltic region. Contrary to popular belief, amber is not a precious gem — it is actually tree resin which has become fossilized.

Most people are familiar with amber from films like Jurassic Park, where they show ancient insects trapped in amber. Baltic amber, however, contains nothing but the fossilized resin which is harvested and then shaped in order to create jewelry. Baltic amber jewelry typically comes in bracelet and necklace form, though there are anklets as well.

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Benefits of Baltic amber:

There are a number of benefits associated with regularly wearing Baltic amber jewelry. These benefits can be enjoyed by adults, children and infants. The following are the most common benefits.

Pain relief

The most significant benefit of wearing Baltic amber for children and infants is pain relief. Amber contains a natural anti-inflammatory compound called succinic acid. When amber is worn against the skin, a person’s body heat will warm up the amber and cause it to secrete a trace amount of oil, which gets absorbed into the skin. Succinic acid is inside this oil and once it gets absorbed, it begins to reduce pain. Children and infants will experience pain relief for various types of pain, most notably teething pain.

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Reduced inflammation

Another benefit of Baltic amber is reduced inflammation. Since succinic acid is an anti-inflammatory agent, it will reduce inflammation caused by a variety of conditions. It can reduce inflammation caused by the teething process, arthritis, certain types of injuries and more. Since it is natural and does not have any side effects, this can be a great way to reduce inflammation in children and infants.

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A better night’s sleep

Children who are experiencing pain and inflammation will typically have a hard time sleeping through the night. This is difficult for both the child and the parent. When wearing Baltic amber regularly, both the pain and inflammation will be reduced, which will help everyone in the household get a better night’s sleep.

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Improved mood

Finally, children and infants who wear Baltic amber will be in a better mood because their pain and inflammation has been reduced. Happier children, happier parents and a happier household!

If you are looking for a natural way to help your child or infant deal with pain, especially pain from conditions caused by inflammation, then you should look no further than a Baltic amber necklace, Baltic amber bracelet or other Baltic amber jewelry products.

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