Amber comes from the Baltic Sea

Where Does Baltic Amber Come From and Is There An Unlimited Amount?

Amber. You’ve probably seen amber without even realizing it it’s often used as a teething remedy in infants, in the form of amber necklaces or bracelets which provide pain relief to babies in the throes of teething. Amber has long been used as a pain reliever for both babies and adults, ever since its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties were discovered. Yet what is amber? Where does it come from? And is there an unlimited amount of amber in the world? Let’s take a closer look at the answers to these 3 burning questions.

What is amber?

Amber is not a gemstone or rock, contrary to popular opinion. It is actually fossilized tree resin or tree sap which has become hardened over millions of years. In other words, there are amber beads worn by infants that are as old as the dinosaurs! When amber is harvested, it is often shaped and rounded into bead-like shapes so that it can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. In cases where amber is being worn for aesthetic purposes rather than pain relief, it is often given special polish to make it shiny.

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Does it cause pain relief?

Yes, amber does cause pain relief. Amber is used as a pain reliever due to the compound inside it called succinic acid. Succinic acid is an anti-inflammatory agent, which is why it can relieve pain from all sorts of ailments, including teething, arthritis, and much more. It works when it is worn against the skin and the succinic acid inside the amber is secreted through an oil, which then gets absorbed into the body via the skin. Amber works best as a pain reliever for ailments which are caused by inflammation, such as arthritis and teething.

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The source of Baltic amber

Baltic amber is the most common type of amber used in amber necklaces, bracelets, as well as aesthetic pieces which are not worn for pain relief. Baltic amber comes from amber from the Baltic Sea region, which includes coastal areas along Poland. It is usually harvested after it washed up on shore. These amber “nuggets” have been discovered along the Baltic Sea region for centuries, and this is still the primary way that companies who make amber products increase their amber stock.

Baltic Sea Amber
Will it ever run out?

Yes. Baltic amber is not unlimited and it will eventually run out. It takes millions of years for tree resin to become fossilized, so there is only a finite amount in existence that is old and hard enough to be considered fossilized amber. That is why it is important for Baltic amber to be properly harvested, so that none of the amber is wasted. Although amber necklaces are not expensive right now, and it is unknown exactly when supplies of amber will be greatly reduced, in the future they may be worth a lot more money due to the eventual scarcity of amber.

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