Raw Amber Teething Necklace for teething relief

Why My Baby Loves Her Amber Teething Necklace

I used to think that I would never be the type of parent who would have to deal with a child that’s fussy, upset, and crying due to teething pain. Then I gave birth to my beautiful daughter who, like (as I discovered) most children, experienced plenty of unwanted teething pain as soon as her teeth decided to come in.

I tried every remedy for my daughter’s teething pain. Pain medication, physical massage, teethers you name it, I tried it. And while some of these methods did work, they didn’t provide the type of long-lasting pain relief that I, and no doubt my daughter, were hoping for.

Teething Discomfort

Another remedy: Amber Teething Necklaces:

That’s where amber teething necklaces came in. I had heard about amber teething necklaces before, but I didn’t know where to get them or if they even worked. In a fit of frustration, I decided that I might as well try them out, since the other remedies either didn’t work or weren’t as long-lasting as I wanted. The end result? My baby’s pain was soothed, and both she and I fell in love with her amber teething necklaces which she’s still wearing while she finishes out the last stages of her current teething.

Raw Amber Necklace
It works by treating the source of the pain: 

Pain relieving medication masks teething pain by covering it up. Once it wears off, the pain comes back, which can be jarring and unpleasant for babies. Teething toys, even cold ones, work by providing some physical massage relief or cold numbing relief which work, but are another way to mask the pain through soothing movements or temperatures. My baby simply couldn’t use her teethers long enough to get the constant pain relief that she needed.

Amber necklaces, on the other hand, treat the source of the teething pain: inflammation and irritation of the gums. The amber beads on her necklace have succinic acid inside, and when she wears it, this gets absorbed into the skin. Succinic acid is a natural anti-inflammatory, and once it starts working, it provides long-lasting relief for irritated gums. My baby was much calmer for longer periods of time once she started wearing her amber necklaces. And while she still enjoyed chewing on her teethers for the physical relief, there was no longer cries of pain as she (and I) desperately tried to numb her teething pain.

It looks cute!

Let’s be honest, even babies love jewelry, and my daughter is no exception. She loves to put on her teething necklace, especially if I hold her up to the mirror so she can admire it. It probably helps that she now associate wearing her amber necklace with the relief of her teething pain!

Raw Amber Necklace
All in all, my baby has been very satisfied with her amber teething necklaces. And I know that she is very glad--and hopefully grateful--that I decided to try them out after trying other teething pain relief methods. I don’t know what we would have done without her amber teething necklace!

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