amber bracelets are great home remedies for teething babies

A Great Natural Alternate For Teething Is The Amber Teething Bracelet

Teething can be tough for parents and babies, especially because finding the right teething remedy can be difficult for parents who want to avoid medications and other unnatural remedies. A simple search on google will find a long list of home remedies for teething babies however one tried and tested remedy is a natural teething alternative: Amber Teething Bracelets.

amber bracelet Traditional Teething Remedy Methods: Not For Everyone

First, let’s look into why many parents are avoiding traditional teething methods that just aren’t cutting it (no pun intended) for many modern parents. Traditional teething remedies often involve medication or other products that many parents don’t want their children putting into their mouth.

When it comes to baby teething remedies such as medications, these can have side effects and even cause harm if used incorrectly; and other teething remedies such as frozen rags or toys may not be effective enough to bother with using. This is where the natural solution of amber teething bracelets comes into play.

home remedies for teething babies

Amber Teething Bracelets: A Natural Alternative to Teething Remedies

Unlike medications and other unnatural teething methods, amber teething bracelets reduce teething pain by utilizing a natural pain relieving compound that is present in the amber beads used to create these unique teething bracelets.

Amber, which is fossilized resin from trees, contains a compound called succinic acid. When this compound is absorbed into the skin, it reduces inflammation in the gums which causes teething pain; in turn, the teething pain experienced by the infant is reduced. When the bracelets are worn over a long period of time, the resulting teething pain relief will also be longer lasting.

One of the best things about amber teething bracelets is that they can be used alone or as a combination remedy with cold rags, teething toys, and so on.

amber bracelet for baby

Amber Teething Bracelets: What You Need to Know

If you are interested in trying out amber teething bracelets for your child as a natural alternative, consider the following essential facts that you should know about them.

They are safe to use but use common sense... supervise your child!

Amber teething bracelets are safe for your infant to wear. However, as with any jewelry, you need to practice some common sense safety precautions. Don’t let your child wear the bracelet when they sleep or in the car unless you will be supervising them the entire time; don’t let your child put the beads into their mouth; and make sure you are regularly checking your amber teething bracelet for any damage or loose beads so that choking hazards can be avoided.

They are not teethers:

Amber teething bracelets are a teething remedy, but you should note that they are not teethers and should not be placed inside the mouth at any point in time.

They can last for a long time:

If you take care of your amber teething bracelet, they can last for a long time! Make sure you regularly wipe your bracelet with a cloth to keep it clean, and inspect for damage before it’s worn so it can be repaired if necessary.
With the above information in mind, don’t wait: try out a natural amber teething bracelet today.

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