amber jewelry is a safe and natural pain relief for children and adults

Everything You Need To Know About Amber Jewelry

Amber jewelry is one of the most popular new trends in natural fashion, both for parents looking for natural remedies to their children’s teething pain as well as anyone interested in seeking out natural health remedies that don’t involve medications, side-effects, and other unnatural elements. But what is amber jewelry? How does it work? The following guide will tell you everything that you need to know about amber jewelry.

Where Amber Comes From:

First, it’s important to know what amber jewelry is actually made with; contrary to popular belief, amber is not a gemstone or other precious mineral. Amber is actually a tree resin which has been fossilized over hundreds of thousands or, more commonly, millions of years.

Baltic Amber

There are many different sources and types of amber, and the type used in amber jewelry will vary greatly depending on the source. Baltic amber is one of the most common sources for amber jewelry, as it is estimated at least 90% of all amber collected today is Baltic amber. Baltic amber is amber from trees in the Baltic Sea region, including Norway, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Amber is harvested from natural regions and then shaped and formed into various sizes. For amber jewelry, the amber is typically shaped into small round “beads” which can be strung on necklaces, bracelets or anklets.

How Does Amber Reduce Pain?

One of the most common benefits you’ll see claimed about amber jewelry is that it reduces pain, particularly in teething infants but in adults as well. Amber reduces pain through an effect caused by succinic acid, which is a unique compound inside the actual amber. When the amber is slightly warmed up by being worn against a body, it secretes a trace amount of oil; this oil contains the succinic acid, which is then absorbed into the body by the skin.

Succinic acid is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Many types of pain, including teething pain, are caused by inflammation. When the succinic acid from the amber is absorbed into the body, this causes a reduction if inflammation, which in turn reduces the pain caused by said inflammation.

For instance, teething infants who wear amber primarily experience pain due to inflamed, sore gums. When wearing their amber necklaces, their bodies absorb succinic acid. This succinic acid will cause a reduction in gum inflammation and consequently, reduce or even eliminate the pain previously caused by the inflamed gums.

Amber Teething Necklace

Is Amber Jewelry Safe?

YES, amber jewelry is safe to wear. There are no side effects to wearing amber jewelry. However, if you are going to be buying amber jewelry for an infant, you will need to take some basic common sense safety measures. Only let an infant wear jewelry under adult supervision, and never let them wear necklaces to bed as this can be a serious safety risk. You should always inspect amber jewelry for loose or broken beads before putting the jewelry on an infant as well.

As is the case with any type of jewelry, leaving your infant unsupervised can lead to safety risks. However when worn under adult supervision amber jewelry not only looks great but works with relieving symptoms of teething and reducing swelling in the gums.

Amber Jewelry Safe

About Powell's Owls:

Powell's Owls is a family owned business specializing in everything amber. Established in 2014, Powell's Owls source only 100% Authentic and Verified Amber jewelry from the Baltic region. All amber is verified authentic by the Gemological Institute Of America (GIA). Do you have a question about Amber Jewelry? Contact us today via the Contact Us link or check out our Frequently Asked Questions 

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