Everything you need to know about amber teething jewelry and teething relief

Everything You Need to Know About Baltic Amber Jewelry

Baltic amber jewelry has come into the forefront of popular culture within the last few years, as more and more mainstream media pay attention this popular substance which has a surprising number of uses. The following guide will help you learn everything you need to know about Baltic amber, including why it is so popular today.

Baltic Amber Jewelry

What is Baltic amber?

Many people mistakenly believe that Baltic amber is a precious gem, similar to gemstones such as diamonds or sapphires. In fact, Baltic amber is not a gem or mineral at all: it is tree resin which has been fossilized over time. Baltic amber is amber which is specifically found in the Baltic regions.

How is Baltic amber used?

Baltic amber has been used in various forms of traditional medicine for thousands of years. Baltic amber has been used to treat ailments such as inflammation, chronic pain, and other forms of pain from injuries or illness.

Today, Baltic amber is typically used in conjunction with jewelry or similar wearable items which can be worn close to the skin. Baltic amber jewelry is made for babies, children and adults. Baltic amber jewelry that is made for babies is known as teething jewelry, since it is used to treat pain associated with teething. The most common types of Baltic amber teething jewelry are necklaces and bracelets. Baltic amber jewelry for older children and adults also comes in necklace or bracelet form.

Teething necklace

How does Baltic amber work?

The reason why Baltic amber has been used as a remedy for thousands of years and remains an effective natural choice today is due to the way it works. Baltic amber is an effective pain and inflammation reliever due to something called succinic acid. Succinic acid is a naturally occurring compound which is found in many materials, including Baltic amber.

When Baltic amber is shaped into beads and worn against the skin, it becomes slightly warm due to the body’s natural heat. When amber is warmed, it secretes a trace amount of oil; this oil is then absorbed into the skin and from there, into the body. Succinic acid is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, so when it is absorbed into the body, it begins targeting inflammation and thus, any pain associated with the inflammation. For example, since teething pain is caused by gum inflammation, the succinic acid can reduce gum inflammation and bring pain relief to a teething infant.

Is Baltic amber safe?

Yes. There are no known side effects to wearing Baltic amber against the skin. It should be noted that if Baltic amber jewelry is used for teething pain or otherwise worn by an infant, it needs to be regularly inspected to ensure that no pieces are loose; loose Baltic amber jewelry beads can be a choking hazard. You should also never put Baltic amber jewelry into your mouth--or let an infant place it into their own mouth.

Baltic amber is a natural material that has been used for thousands of years and, thanks to the advent of social media, has become very popular once again.

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