Wearing Amber Teething Bracelets Helps My Baby Sleep Better
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Wearing Amber Teething Bracelets Helps My Baby Sleep Better

May 09, 2019

Thank you Lara Sacks for sharing your story!

My baby couldn’t sleep and neither could I! I was not happy!

It was 2 in the morning and I was up yet again. I couldn’t be mad, it wasn’t my baby’s fault she woke up yet again due to the discomfort from her teething. This same scenario had played out again and again over the past few weeks. Sometimes she would make it through a nap undisturbed, but it was rare to go a single day without at least a few wake-ups due to teething pain.

Nothing seemed to work until…

I had tried everything under the sun and then some. I tried putting a wet rag in the freezer and letting her gnaw on that and although it worked for a few minutes, it did nothing to help her sleep through her naps and the night. The same with her teething toys; they gave her some relief while she was actively chewing on them, but nothing beyond that.

That is when I decided I needed to think outside of the box. More specifically, I decided to try an alternative method that one of my former classmates on high school had raved about on Facebook: Amber Teething Bracelets.

Amber Teething Bracelets

When I first saw her posts, I admittedly rolled my eyes, how would an amber bracelet help her baby with teething pain? But when I had gone the 5th straight night of having to get up to handle her teething pain, I was ready to give it a chance.

Amber Teething Bracelet

My experience and what I learned have completely changed the way I view teething pain remedies. First, I learned that amber jewelry works because of a natural compound inside the amber called succinic acid. There’s actually some succinic acid inside our bodies already, but when amber jewelry, like the amber bracelet I ordered for my daughter is worn against the skin, it creates very fine oil which gets absorbed into the body. The oil contains, you guessed it, succinic acid. When the jewelry is worn regularly, it reduces inflammation and pain in the body.

When my amber bracelet came in the mail, I didn’t waste time: I read the instructions and slipped it on my baby girl’s wrist as soon as I could. I preferred using an bracelet over an amber necklace, which seem to be more popular because I wanted her to be able to wear this remedy while she was sleeping. (As an anklet) That is, after all, where we were having the most trouble.

Amber Teething Anklet

Amber Bracelets / Amber Anklets: yay or nay?

The results were nothing short of a miracle. After a few days, my baby began to fuss less, cry less and sleep better! She finally began sleeping through her naps again and even sleeping through the night. Gone were the days on end where she’d wake up screaming in pain from her sore gums, and back were the days when a simple cold teether now and then did the trick.

An amber bracelet or anklet for teething saved my sanity so if you’re looking for a teething remedy option that actually works to help your baby get more sleep, don’t hesitate to try one out. What have you got to lose!