All natural easy ways to sooth a teething baby

Easy Natural Ways to Soothe a Teething Baby

Teething is often one of the first times that many parents must deal with their new baby experiencing significant pain and it can be frustrating, upsetting and difficult for parents to soothe their teething baby. Teething pain is caused mostly by inflammation in a baby’s gums, so typical remedies that people turn to for pain (such as painkillers) are temporary at best and in some cases are not recommended for infants due to potential side effects.

If you are like many parents today, you want to use natural ways to help reduce your baby’s teething pain and get them through this difficult period. The following are some excellent all natural ways to soothe a teething baby.

Teething Jewelry:

Teething jewelry is a natural and highly effective remedy for teething pain. Teething necklaces are made with Baltic amber, which is fossilized tree resin; the amber is shaped into beads and then strung into bracelets or necklaces. Teething jewelry is designed to be worn against the skin, which causes the amber to be warmed up to the point that it secretes a very trace amount of oil. A naturally occurring compound in the oil, succinic acid, works as an anti-inflammatory which then reduces the gum inflammation which causes the majority of teething pain.

teething necklace
Rags or Cloths:

Another natural remedy for teething pain is using rags or cloths to allow children to chew on them. The act of chewing on cloths and rags relieves pressure on the gums, which temporarily relieves pain. It is typically best to freeze the rags or clothes before giving them to your infant, as the cold temperature will also act as a pain reliever.

teething remedies
Teething Toys:

Teething toys are another excellent natural remedy for teething pain. Teething toys work in a similar fashion to rags and cloths, in that they relieve pain by allowing your infant to chew on them and relieve pressure in their gums. Some teething toys are designed to be put in the freezer, while others can be used without freezing them first. There are many different types of teething toys out there, so feel free to try out a variety to see which works best with your infant.

Teething Toys

Another natural remedy for teething pain is one that parents have been using for ages: their fingers. Letting an infant gnaw on your finger when they are experiencing teething pain will help to temporarily soothe their pain. Remember to wash and rinse your hands thoroughly before you allow your infant to use your finger as a natural teething toy. If you aren’t comfortable with your child chewing on your bare finger, there are teething finger sleeves that you can place over your finger like a glove.

Natural teething remedies are a great choice for parents who are concerned about potential side effects from using methods such as painkillers. The above natural teething remedies are effective and safe ways that you can help reduce your child’s teething pain.

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